Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Chiquita Banana

Thread Social floral print silk and cotton blend playsuit - net-a-porter

Carmen Miranda is one of my all time style icons. Revolutionary, beautiful, and a hat full of fruit. And this Thread Social romper pays tribute to the Brazilian beauty. Maybe I could even wear it with my very own Carmen Miranda fruit hat by Havta Hava Hats. Is that too much?

and above is a ceramic tea set my very talented mother made. the shoes are the creamer and sugar holder (and actual size of carmen's feet). the fruit on the hat comes off the black hat base where the pieces of fruit become cups.


  1. NEVER too much! Fabulous turban you got there and don't forget The Brazilian Bombshell singing and performing with the Moon (Luna) Gang in her awesome 4" - 7" platform collection ranging between. Tea anyone?

  2. wonderful chica chica boom video capturing her many modes! what style, starting as a milner.


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