Monday, January 31, 2011

sunnies up side yo head

i got into a conversation about sunglasses yesterday over brunch that has inspired this post. My conclusion at the end of the day is that there are 2 types of people in this world: people who wear sunglasses and people who don't. I am a person who wears sunglasses at every chance I can get - but I NEVER where them indoors mind you. Here are some of my lunch money favorites.

If you live in NY, you must go to Silver Lining Opticians - the best.

ps. much props to the Inuits for this genius invention.

Norma Kamali
Cutler and Gross

but I DO love you!

being a desperate housewife never looked so good. i die for the wardrobe in this video. the grandma's costume jewelry, the beautifully running mascara, the leopard with red and white stripes, the bustiers, the gold sunglasses in the bathtub, the stockings with stays = i want it all!!!

Candy Striper

Out of every dress that walked the SAG awards red carpet last night Hailee Steinfeld was by far my favorite. And I would save my lunch money for that amazing Prada spring dress. Loving the pink and orange stripes. I wish I had a fabulous fancy summer wedding to wear this to. Who wants to get married?

Friday, January 28, 2011

RC cola and a moon pie

Rachel Comey is one of my favorites. And definitely a designer that I save my lunch money for every season. Spring is minutes away (although it may not seem like it) which means Rachel Comey Spring 2011 will soon be in stores. Right now I'm dreaming of Sunday brunch dates, trips to the Met roof and a Montauk get away. And of course I'd be wearing RC.

Find Rachel Comey at Bird - another lunch money saver:

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Don't be a have not - be a hasbeens

This is very exciting for spring shoe lusters. The cutie swedish shoe brand, hasbeens, is teaming up with h&m. Come April 20th the hasbeens/h&m collabo will be in stores. Just in time for the New York snow to melt so I can run through the streets. Hopefully it won't take that long. Hasbeens/h&m will release 3 styles and prices are said to be between 59.99-69.99. And that sounds good to me.

Get yours before all the Hipsters do

I just saw True Grit last night. Great movie.
And I'll tell you lieu of the recent Oscar nominations there is a major snub that no one is talking about. The crazy grizzly medicine man in True Grit!
And all I have to say to go out and get yourself one of these fashionable and cozy Grizzly Bear hats before every Hipster in Brooklyn has one - and in turn ruins them. I'm going now!

Here is a sad interpretation from Fuzz Hats

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

pink birthday box

my birthday is coming up and i need something to wear. Maybe Mr. Margiela would lend me this box frock for my upcoming celebration. you don't think it's too much, do you?,0,0#4

wrong side of the bed vs. right side of the bed

Was just surfing the world wide web and settled on the Etsy wave. I'll admit, I'm kind of over the whole homemade, artsy-craftsy, i just took my grandmother's old quit and made a cute skirt thing. And I had judgements about the whole Etsy movement. But, I stumbled upon this hilarious coffee mug that I think I need. And it's on sale for $10. It's about time I retire my oh-so-dated Starbucks mug.

Monday, January 24, 2011


I want to save my lunch money, get a time machine and got back to 1985 (a fabulous year for many reasons) so I can stand in this audience and listen to the sweet combination of Ms. Dolly Parton and Mr. Kenny Rogers. There are so many amazing things going on here: the movie style montage, Dolly's red and white checkered cowgirl shirt, Kenny Roger's shiny white sequined warm up jacket. I could go on and on.

French Trotters everywhere

I recently discovered this gem called French Trotters, a shop in the Bastille and it's online shop. Browsing this site makes me want to book a one way ticket to the Marais and never come back. And that would be perfect because French Trotters just opened up a men's store there and a kids shop, Little French Trotters, near by. The kids shop is to die for. Note to self- start saving lunch money for the future when I'll have to shop here.
My favorite picks: French Trotters collection femme Mustard Check Dress and Burlap French flag tote and Mono Blocks yellow flowers note book. Check out the site and pick something out for yourself!

if i said i liked your body would you hold it against me?

dear whoever,
please make it socially acceptable for me to walk outside my house in a fantastic bodysuit, tights and heels. oh, and can you also make it about 60 degrees warmer out too.


ps. please enjoy this classic music video, Call on Me, where the bodysuit is the star of this show.

pps. both bodysuits are by Wolford and can be found on

there's no shoe like miu miu

Every girl needs a great pair of red shoes in their closet and I think these Miu Miu contrast stitch wedges would be perfect in mine. Miu Miu Spring 2011 is available on net-a-porter and barneys.,default,pd.html

If I were a boy....

Lacoste has a new shoe collection out, Lacoste Legends. The little green alligator has teamed up with 12 different taste makers to create 12 limited edition sneakers (or as I still say to many people's dismay - tennis shoes). Some of the collaborators are colette (personal fav), I-D, Bodega, DJ Jazzie B, Sebastien Tellier, and Sneaker Freaker. I die for I-D's spin on the green alligator high tops and colette's lizard skin low tops with bright blue laces. And for the special guy in my life I would outfit in Stones Throw take in rich brown leather high tops.

Don't Cry for me Argentina

Argentina brand Ay Not Dead is coming to the states this Spring for the first time. Here are a few pieces from the collection I am eyeing for myself. What's even better is their not so steep prices: the line ranges from $40 - $150. And what's even better is Ay Not Dead will be available at one of my favorite shops, Babel Fair on Elizabeth St. Check it out.

I want a Prada spring now!!

It may be 8 degrees out over here in nyc, but Prada's SS11 video campaign was just released which gives me something to look forward to. I want everything in this video - especially the large striped sun hats and swirly fun sunglasses. Yes, please.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Pocket size Snooki

This little cutie is on the selling floor for $19. One of a kind. Now if the artist would only make a mini gorilla-juice-head for the mini Snooki. hearts.

home sweet home

Sotheby's has recently listed an UWS apartment for sale for a mere $6.95 million, which is a steal of a deal seeing that the place comes with a fully furnished library with over 2,500 books. So, forget everything else I said, if I want this as a home I better start saving my breakfast, lunch and dinner money fast!

coveted thee

there is an amazing new website,, which features various fashion-heads ultra covetable closets and valuables. I fell head over heels for the wardrobe of Mary-Kate Steinmiller (Teen Vogue's Fashion Market Editor). From the sheer white tiered dress to the silver lacquered Chanel belt to the Dallin Chase brown leather cape...I would save my lunch money for those treasures.

i love Goooooolllld

there are 3 things in the world that i am a sucker for. in no particular order: leopard print, gold and a certain someone.
Phosphorescence and Opening Ceremony have teamed up and created this amazing pair of shiny gold cat frames. Cha-ching.

Lula of my dreams

Lula magazine is my official favorite. If you haven't picked up a copy of this girly, retro lovelyness go get one now.

i love you suno

love love love Suno. The bold, mix matched prints is exactly what I need to get me through this nasty Nor'easter that's going around.

i'm saving my lunch money for this

vintage benz. brown and mode houndstooth lining. i would look so good in the front seat.

random cute acts

always on the look out in the laundry aisle

who, moi?

i'm thinking about giving a French lesson this Valentines Day.

Marais USA

Check out cutie shoe line Marais USA. Based in Brooklyn so you know it's better.

She's a Bad Mother...

Obsessed with new denim line, Mother. Am loving the 70's vibe, high waisted and wide leg 'The Drama' pant. Loves.

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